Community Post: 27 Super Awesome Things About Canada You Probably Didn’t Know

27. We apologize a lot…and for that we are sorry!

26. Our Money Looks Funny

Canadian Tire Bucks!!

25. And sometimes our money is AWESOME!


24. We are known to be polite!

Don’t believe me…check out our graffiti!

22. We have funny names for everyday things!

21. Sometimes Canadian crimes might seem funny to others

20. And sometimes…shit gets real

19. Everyone has their own opinion of us

As do we apparently

18. And we embrace the stereotypes

Even though they are all wrong!

17. It’s freaking cold!!

16. And freaking beautiful!

Banff, Alberta

15. We have the greatest outdoor show on earth!

14. Our police ride horses

Gotta love the Mounties!

13. French fries+gravy+cheese curds= The best food Ever


12. Our Tim Hortons have drive thrus!

And we have our own coffee ordering lingo…double double please!

11. We love our Old Dutch chips in a box

There are 2 bags in there..2 BAGS!!!

10. We love our Ketchup chips

Especially our Ketchup Old Dutch Chips in a box with 2 bags in it!!

9. We have milk in a bag

This is not weird to us

8. We take every opportunity to point out Canadian celebrities

You are welcome

7. Sometimes we can be Badass

We ain’t taking that glove off for nobody in the winter..we aren’t freaking crazy!

6. Not all of us speak French

5. We have a Love Hate relationship with the Americans

4. We are loyal friends

Until hockey season!

3. We aren’t arrogant in our Patriotism

2. So Come And Visit And See All The Amazing Things Canada Has To Offer

1. And Once Again….We Are SORRY

Like Super Sorry!!

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