She put her arm around her dying sister. No one expected what would happen next.

Twins Kyrie and Brielle Jackson have a story that is nothing short of miraculous. They welcomed the world 12 weeks too early, weighing only 2 pounds each. They were massively underdeveloped with very dismal prospects for survival.

These two sisters were put into separate incubators. While Brielles condition began to stabilize as she started to put on weight, Kyrie was not doing so well, as doctors feared the worse, that she would not survive.

It would be a few weeks before something surprising happened. Brielle suddenly suffered a screaming fit that was potentially life threatening as she carried on until she could hardly breath and was totally blue.

Nurses attempted to help her, but nothing seemed to work, and no one could figure out why the crying was carrying on so.

It would be nurse Gayle Kasparian who, out of desperation, came up with a last chance plan. Lets put crying Brielle next to her fragile sister. Now such a thing was against hospital policy and she risked her job and who knows what else if something happened to the child in the transition. Nevertheless, Gayle couldnt shake the plan and something needed to be done. So she did it. The blue-colored and still convulsing Brielle was placed next to her sister, and suddenly, and immediately, she calmed right down. She then instinctively put her arm, around her sister.

The daring and risky idea seemed to have resulted in a miracle. Kyries condition suddenly began to improve. So much so that she gained weight and began to be equal in size to her sister.

Fast forward 20 years, and Kyrie and Brielle Jackson are young women who have enjoyed a life of special connection with one another, and they are now about to graduate from college!

Amazing how the warmth and special connection of a human can do things that the medical field doesnt encourage as primary care, and the hospitals dont allow for treatment protocol.

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