25 Best Places to Spend Your Retirement

Retirement is something most people look forward to. It’s that time in life where you can finally hang the hat on time-demanding labor and truly focus on what you want to do like learning or perfecting a hobby, acquiring a new skill, traveling the world… the list could be endless. Regardless of what you plan on doing or when you plan on retiring, seeking a place to get away from all the cares of the world is probably on your list of things to do at some point in life. To help you in this endeavor we present these 25 best places to spend your retirement.

25. Belize

If you want to retire to a place where you could have it all to yourself, then staying in Belize is a great choice. You do not have to worry about crowded locations as the whole country is moderately populated, giving you more options on where you could purchase the right home in the right property. You also do not have to make too many adjustments when speaking with the locals since English is their official language. Weather is also desirable, giving you a choice between warm and sunny on the coasts and temperate in the mountains.

24. Colombia

Retirement can be best enjoyed in Colombia when you decide to spend the rest of your life in the city of Medellin. More than just cheap real estate, Medelin offers a relaxing ambience with an emphasis on great art and culture. You can enjoy the pleasure of visiting museums, art galleries, and chitchatting on the roadside while drinking coffee without the need to stay in a European villa.

23. Uruguay

Getting the most out of your savings is one of the biggest factors as to why many retirees are actually considering Uruguay as their last stop. Depositing your hard-earned money in their reliable banks is just as attractive as establishing a small business.

22. Ecuador

Although there are many towns and cities in Ecuador that could pass for a retirement destination, a majority of the retirees that move here are often attracted to the appeal and charm of Cuenca. Aside from being recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, this location is also well known for being a medical tourism destination. Nursing care and even housekeeping services are offered here at affordable prices, which indeed provide retirees more time to think about themselves.

21. Nicaragua

If you can tolerate average-looking infrastructures and a laid-back lifestyle, while considering a Spanish-colonial setting as a pleasurable tourism experience, then you would love staying in Nicaragua. Your dollar can go relatively far whether it involves your permanent housing, payment for commodities, or tourism packages. Even people with a limited budget should be able to live decently in this part of the world.

20. Argentina

Argentina is one of those retirement destinations in the world that offers diverse choices for retirees that have varying living preferences. They may choose to live a relaxed city life in Buenos Aires, experience nature’s abundance in Mendoza, or settle for peace and quiet in some of the provincial capitals. Even though the cost of living is steadily rising due to the inflation of the US Dollar, your money can still help you enjoy life while letting you encounter the best of what Latin America has to offer.

19. Mexico

Being one of the most accessible places in the American continent, whether from the north or from the south, Mexico is often considered for its many coastal towns which offer an escape from the usual hustle and bustle of city life. Filled with amenities such as fun water sports, romantic white sand beaches, and authentic Mexican cuisine, you can’t go wrong with Mexico.

18. Chile

Even though Chile is beside Argentina, it is different in many ways, especially if you are planning to spend the rest of your life in the city of Santiago. Cobblestones on the ground, sculptures placed everywhere, and even outdoor cafe tables near the sidewalk is a setting so perfect that you may not believe you are still in the American continent. To add icing on the cake; real estate properties here are considerably more affordable so your dollar goes a lot farther.

17. France

When mentioning France, the first location that comes to mind is Paris. Although this may be a good place to visit for romance, adventure, and love, it may not be the most suitable place for retirees as the cost of living, including most amenities can be quite expensive. However, there are still many towns and communities near Paris that are good for property investment, allowing you to still experience the culture and refinement of France.

16. Italy

While Florence, Rome, and Venice are great places to visit and explore in Italy, living in these key locations is an expensive option for retirees. Granted if the retiree has a lot of money, they can splurge on expensive real estate properties, commodities, and even transportation. However, for those with modest incomes the nearby towns like Abruzzo have affordable real estate which enables retirees to stay close to key cities while enjoying a more affordable lifestyle. After all, you have all the time in the world to drive, explore, and go home on the same day.

15. Ireland

One of the many special aspects of Ireland is that you can purchase your dream home at a cost that’s way lower than expected. With real estate properties selling 50% lower than a decade ago, you can establish your haven cheap while still experiencing the best things that Ireland has to offer. Comfort, security, safety, relaxation, and convenience have all been bundled into this one great location in Europe.

14. Spain

Costa del Sol may be a great suggestion for couples who want to have a good time (and have money), but staying there for good is not a cost effective option. However, don’t let that deter you from retiring in Spain since there are other options like Barcelona, which would give you a much better deal. In Barcelona, you are still close to the ocean, facilities are world-class, plus you can own a home with prices that are lower than what you would expect.

13. Croatia

You may not be too familiar with Croatia as a country or what it holds for retirees in general, but visiting and living in the Istrian Peninsula is actually recommended by many tourists and visitors to the area. If you enjoy nature’s beauty and bounty, this part of Croatia will definitely not disappoint you. Homes and establishments are made of stone and clay, views of mountains and streams surround you, and even the fruits of harvest are there to delight you all year long.

12. Thailand

Life in Thailand favors retirees who enjoy the exotic lifestyle and retirees who appreciate a quiet and serene life. Aside from offering diverse choices of leisure and culture, this part of Southeast Asia also offers affordably priced real estate properties whether you decide to live in the city or in the countryside. Golf courses are abundant, exotic food is rampant, and world-class spa services are all over the place. You will never know what to expect here, which makes Thailand an interesting place to stay.

11. Vietnam

Imagining rice fields, mountain views, and water buffalos is normal when talking about Vietnam. Because of that, retirees and couples have looked at this country as a great place to encounter something new, while never compromising the value of hard-earned money with less expensive properties and a cheaper lifestyle. But if you wish to make the most of your lifetime here, staying in the coastal province of Nha Trang should be something that’s worth the look. More time with the locals, less exposure to the western culture, and more peaceful moments with your loved one makes Vietnam a great retiree destination in Southeast Asia.

10. Malaysia

If you want a different ambience while sustaining city life in your retirement age, staying in Malaysia is a great place to start. Thanks to excellent city engineering, along with living standards that are more gracious to the locals, you are able to appreciate the presence of skyscrapers, costly dining, and endless shopping at prices that are cheaper than most of the world’s standards. Rural areas of Malaysia are also accessible from Kuala Lumpur, mostly offering low real estate prices, even being 30 minutes away from the country’s center of commerce.

9. Bulgaria

Although Bulgaria is included in the European Union, it offers living standards that are incomparable to what is being offered by other countries near it. Cost of living is very affordable, living standards are excellent, and properties are cheap. Even though it does not hold the kind of sophistication that other European countries have, it presents an atmosphere that will always make you feel at home.

8. South Africa

South Africa has a bad reputation of being a place stricken with the crimes, violence, and a host of other problems; however, these issues do not apply when you are planning to retire in tourist-friendly Cape Town. Aside from allowing you to visit the safari for animal watching you can also enjoy their lavish beaches or taste their well-refined wines.

7. Costa Rica

Have you considered visiting beaches with golden sand, exploring forests with abundant flora and fauna, and even testing your courage by going atop a dormant volcano? If this is the kind of adventure you want to have in your retirement, then building a new home in Costa Rica should keep your soul searching for more fun under the sun. Living standards here are very high, although commodities and goods are often cheaper than what you would think.

6. New Zealand

Even though real estate prices in New Zealand may be a bit more expensive than properties near Southeast Asia, there are other things in the country that invite retirees to spend the rest of their lives in this land. Their white sand beaches, world-class facilities, and extensive city development are just some of the things that are included in the package of a perfect tropical, sun-kissed, and warm weather paradise.

5. Honduras

Can you even imagine spending only $1,400 a month near a place that has white sand beaches and clear blue waters? This is how great life could be when living in Honduras, particularly on the Island of Roatan. The locals are very friendly, the seafood is exquisite, and the weather is absolutely perfect all year long. To top it off, your low monthly living expense even gives you access to one of the world’s most famous coral reefs.

4. Brazil

Rio de Janeiro may offer good things such as amazing amenities and world-class service, but it may not be an ideal place for a retired life, especially since the city is so congested and cost of living is quite expensive. But who says that you cannot still enjoy your retirement in Brazil? Prepare to be astounded with some of the world’s greatest looking beaches when you purchase a home in the coastal town of Fortaleza which is a much more affordable option in comparison to Rio.

3. Dominican Republic

A friendly culture that knows how to enjoy life and have a good time paired with exquisite tropical settings makes Dominican Republic a great option for retiring. You can live very comfortably for as little as $2,000 a month and still have all the time in the world to enjoy the white sand beaches with clear blue waters. No wonder Dominican Republic has been dubbed the “Fairest Land Under Heaven”.

2. Malta

Get your abundance of sunshine and tropical weather all year long with great healthcare, no property tax, a low crime rate and a moderate cost of living. What else is there to say? Malta is definitely a great option for retirement.

1. Panama

Aside from being one of the most accessible places for retirees, Panama is also famous for giving perks to tourists and retired citizens thus promoting the city’s tourism. Although most places in the country are no longer as cheap as they used to be, there are still many desirable locations. You can also expect tropical weather all year long, nice beaches, and an inviting culture.

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