These Top Honeymoon Spots Let You Leave Your Passport At Home

Like honeymoons, islands come in all shapes and sizes.

There are large ones with vibrant cities,jewel-like hideaways with just one hotel, tropical havens lined with sandy beachesand ones better known for their history, cuisine andadventure activities.

Another handy point of difference?

Not all of them require a passport to visit. Right in the United States, there are islands boasting everything from classic New England charm to laid-back surfer chic. Find the right one for you and leave the passport at home.

Puerto Rico

Call it the ideal combination: In Puerto Rico, youll enjoy the excitement of exploring anew culture, cuisine and dreamy destination, all while saving some dollars and ditching your passport.

Connected to the mainland US by over 1,300 direct flights a week, Puerto Rico is a US territory set in the Caribbean Sea. Whether youre in the mood for historic charm, sophisticated cuisine, tropical adventure or just lazing on the beach, youll find it here.

San Juan Islands

Comprised of 172 islands off the northwest coast, Washington states water-bound floating haven is full of relaxing pursuits — including working art studios, lush forests, kayaking and whale watching galore.

The low-key collective is also nicknamed the Gourmet Archipelago. It has a foodie culture dating back to the late 1800swhen its farms and orchards were producing enough bounty to satisfy both islanders and folks across the US. Today, vineyards, breweries and distilleries can be found among the farms and ranches.

Chebeague Island

About 10 miles off the coast of Portland, Maine are close to 200 small islands in Casco Bay. The largest of these is Chebeague Island though, at about 3.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, its not enormous. The charming hamlet offers several picturesque beaches and coves and plenty of outdoor, water-based fun.


This eternal honeymoon favorite is definitely worth the hype. The westernmost state has been enchanting generations of visitors with its easy charm and natural wonders. Each main island has its own unique vibe and signature attractions, from hidden beaches to dramatic volcanoes. You can’t go wrong with Hawaii.

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