Chris Pratt Brilliantly Describes Why He Enjoys Hunting So Much (Video)

Chris Pratt is a man’s man. In movies, he kicks butts and cracks jokes. In real life, he goes hunting.

Pratt went on “Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show” recently and spoke about his love for hunting. He made it sound quite poetic and romantic and described hunting in a way I’ve never heard before. Pratt said,

You’re a voyeur to the world waking up… In a way that no one gets to see it when they drive their car down the road because they’ve disturbed it. You’ve snuck in… If a tree fell in the woods and didn’t make a sound, you’d be there to witness it. Cause nobody’s there. You’re not even there.

Pretty beautiful, right? Pratt went on to talk about how the killing aspect of the hunt makes him feel conflicted and remorseful.

He’s not a cold-blooded guy. He has some pretty complex emotions when it comes to the act.

See what I mean by checking out the video above.

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