Wooden Wonders – 10 Amazing Wood Pallet Creations

Wooden pallets have inspired many to tap into their inner architect and create fresh, new home furnishings. These 10 creations show innovative ways to turn simple wood pallets into decorative masterpieces.

1. Reclaimed Wood Bed

Reclaimed Wood Bed

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Via houzz.com

This reclaimed wood bed adds a sense of rustic adventure and character to the bedroom. Any decorator that is in search of a piece that will create a log cabin-like atmosphere, look no further. Visit Houzz to see more photos of this conversation starter.

2. Red Pantry

Red Pantry

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Via littlegreenearthling.blogspot.com

Little Green Earthling’s red pantry cabinet turns ordinary organization into colorful space coordination with this surprising creation.

3. Compost Bin

Compost Bin

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Via alessthanperfecthomemaker.com

Compost bins are necessities in organic gardens. A Less than Perfect Homemaker provides instructions to re-create their version with wooden pallets and heavy duty zip ties to hold it all together; using nails will also work well.

4. Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table

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Via woodenpalletfurniture.com

The combination of different wood textures and grains gives this table gives an unexpected twist. Visit Wooden Pallet Furniture for a closer look at this idea.

5. Coat/Hat Rack

Coat/Hat Rack

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Via homedit.com

The right color combinations can brighten up a room – this coat/hat rack combines magnificent color and innovation. Visit Homed It for construction photos.

6. Bar Table & Stools

Bar Table & Stools

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Via stackeddesign.blogspot.fr

Being able to comfortably seat guests outdoors can make or break a gathering. This bar table and stool combination from Stacked Design provides compact seating that is a great alternative to standard plastic lawn furniture.

7. Outdoor Couch

Outdoor Couch

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Via funkyjunkinteriors.net

This decorative seating option from Funky Junk Interiors offers unique architecture and sleek design. Adding color or stain to this outdoor couch will add to its appeal.

8. Porch Swing

Porch Swing

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Via shanty-2-chic.com

This adorable porch swing grabs at nostalgic memories and breathes new life into ideas many have about what their porch should look like. Visit Shanty 2 Chic for instructions and additional photos.

9. Vanity


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Via diyfuntime.com

This amazing vanity shows how limitless the options are for pallet furniture. The creator has covered empty spaces with pallet planks and lightly dusted them with a white mist. The room takes on a dream-like quality with the addition of this piece. Visit DIY Fun Time for more information on this piece.

10. Porch Table

Porch Table

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Via V. Alvear

The simple structure of this table allows the detail to show beautifully.

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