Will You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s inevitable, so you need a Zombie Defense Plan.

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    1. ✓ Attack on your own, probably sealing your fate, but giving others a chance to escape.
    2. ✓ Give up. It’s not going to work. You might as well accept your fate.
    3. ✓ Keep drinking. It’s worked so far.
    4. ✓ Climb to the roof and make a risky aerial escape.
    5. ✓ Try to fight your way out.
    6. ✓ Barricade yourself in and pray the army will arrive.
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    1. ✓ You ride alone.
    2. ✓ Take what you can get.
    3. ✓ You have each other’s back.
    1. ✓ The most important.
    2. ✓ To survive, there is no other option.
    3. ✓ Love will keep you safe.
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    1. ✓ Get your whole crew to turn around and fight them off.
    2. ✓ Shoot them in the head. It’s the most merciful way.
    3. ✓ Try and pick off the surrounding zombies.
    4. ✓ Run. They’re done for either way.
    5. ✓ Take a long drink from your hip flask, and keep moving.
    6. ✓ Hurl yourself into the melee, freeing your friend regardless of the danger to yourself.
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  8. 8. AMC
    1. ✓ Shoot it in the head.
    2. ✓ Stab it in the head.
    3. ✓ Try and get away without actually killing it.
    4. ✓ Let it bite you. It’s too much now. What’s the point in living anyway?
    5. ✓ Get someone else to kill it so you don’t have to.
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Will You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

  1. You got: Survival, easily

    Your rational attitude and excellent decision-making mean that you’re going to make it through. You’re such a strong leader that everyone you’ve met will be safe too. You’ll will probably go on the rule the world after the collapse of society.

  2. You got: Survival…but only just

    Your good attitude and decent decision-making mean that you’re going to make it through. You might not be able to keep anyone else safe, but at least you’ll be there at the end. In the post-apocalypse there will be plenty of time to find new friends.

  3. You got: Drunk…so maybe

    It’s a coin toss as to whether you survive. By getting drunk all the time, you’re not really making good decisions, but it’s entirely possible it will just all work out. Which would be nice. But don’t hold out hope. Either way, you’ll be drunk when it all goes down, so it’ll probably be fun.

  4. You got: A heroic death

    Don’t be a hero. You won’t make it because you are so determined to save others. It’s very noble, and you will be spoken of in reverent terms by the people you help. But in the past tense, because you will be dead.

  5. You got: Torn apart within a week

    You’ll make a good effort. A really good effort. But you won’t survive. Poor decisions and a lack of ruthlessness will doom you. Someone you know might survive though!

  6. You got: Killed more or less instantly

    You are rubbish at survival. You will barely even make a good attempt. Your decision-making is pretty poor, so it’s not that surprising you won’t get very far. On the plus side, the horror will be over very quickly! Because you’re dead.


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