Stacey Dash makes special offer to Hillary, shows off her guns [pic]!/IngrahamAngle/status/448205275926122499

“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson told Laura Ingraham he wants to take President Obama hunting and “find out what’s going on in his brain a little more.” “I’d like to get him out there with some camouflage and a gun, and we could sit out there and talk,” he said.

Actress Stacey Dash, who supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, says that if Obama is up for that, she’s got big plans for Hillary Clinton.!/REALStaceyDash/status/448301014081634304


Of course, even an offer like that sent one lefty’s head spinning wildly out of control. Dash retweeted these loving, tolerant tweets:!/REALStaceyDash/status/448347639793201152

Dash also shared a pic of her guns (not to mention her firearm).!/murphfrommidway/status/448332393267855361

Amen to that.


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