The 39 Most Brooklyn Things Ever

1. These trees wearing sweaters:

In Park Slope, of course.

2. This truck and its license plate:

Only in Red Hook.

3. This store:

It’s pretty great, actually (proceeds go to 826 NYC).

4. This extensive product line:

5. This decorative kale growing in a recycled sink planter:

6. This coffee shop that’s also a yarn store:

Alas, it closed.

8. This baby drinking cappucino:

Long live the babyccino.

9. This wifi network:

10. This vandalism:

11. This bookstore’s advertising strategy:

12. This coffee shop turf war:

Oslo vs. Gimme!

13. This robot on the L train:

14. This polite request for the neighbors:

15. This dude playing Jenga in the Subway:

16. This baby in a bar:

So two years ago.

17. This hipster trap:

Courtesy of our very own Jeff Greenspan.

19. This traveling musician:

21. This careful documentation of a trash can:

22. This cat on a leash:

Good thing the Times was on it.

23. This attitude toward steak:

24. This ship carrying beans for artisanal chocolate from Ecuador:

“Two years ago a pair of bearded brothers decided to try importing cocoa for their Williamsburg chocolate factory — which focuses on simple, ecologically friendly sweets — by sail.”

25. This elaborate memorial for the dolphin that swam into the Gowanus Canal and died:

Crying right now.

UPDATE: Installation courtesy of Shawn Lyons, owner and operator of Rabbit Movers.

26. This turtle commuting to work:

27. This apartment-hunting tactic:

“A reader/writer/draftsman/craftsman/cook
Who, evenings, likes a bourbon and a book;”

28. This:

Outside Fleisher’s in Park Slope.

29. This literary organization:

Wanna join? Right this way.

30. This artisanal mayonnaise emporium:

31. This hideous crime:

32. These children named Bowie and Denim:

They may live upstate now, but they were obviously born in Brooklyn.

33. This dog listening to Fun. while he drives:

34. This diligent citizen reporting:

36. This tween metal band:

Meet Unlocking The Truth.

37. This BBQ smokercycle:

38. This very considerate laundromat:

39. This important protest movement:

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